Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And now, my first original speaker design!

I recently snagged a pair of Neo3PDR tweeters for $60. While the Cryolites are supposed to be excellent, I'd like to go for something a shade smaller.

As a result, I'm going for the Dayton RS150 woofers and active 8th-order crossovers, courtsey of a pair of Alesis amplifier modules. Distortion should be even lower than the Cryolites, and thanks to the impressive off-axis performance of the RS150 and Neo3PDR, I won't need to worry much about a "sweet spot".

To go with them, I'll hopefully get a subwoofer of some sort. The end result will, hopefully, be a system I won't want to upgrade anytime soon.

(Yes, I'm lazy and not posting much today. I need to go to bed.)

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