Sunday, April 1, 2007

So, I'm building some Modula MTs

The RS150/Neo3 project I'm working on is of massive scale - I'm trying some techniques for cabinet damping that can give all the benifits of open-baffle speakers without any of the disadvantages. Needless to say, this will not work properly at all, and in the two years I'm liable to spend making these work, odds are I'll want something to listen to in the interim.

Enter the Modula MT.
Photo and awesome instructions courtsey of :

The Modulas are pretty much standard-issue 2-ways - one woofer, one tweeter. However, they're notable because they feature some of the "Refrence" series of drivers from Parts Express' Dayton house-brand of drivers. The tweeters, made by Usher, share many design aspects with Scan-Speak tweeters costing triple the price, and the same goes for the aluminum-coned woofers, which are almost as good as the Seas Excel series of metal-cone woofers.

While not exactly anything fancy, the Modulas are a solid design using parts that, if the testing data is accurate, are better than they have any right to be. They're simple, too - while not exactly foolproof, they're much less finnecky than transmission lines or horns, and the design is not complex. The parts are easily purchased from one place, too, and there are many guides to their construction , such as Dan's excellent blog (shown above).

While I'm not nearly in the same class as Dan for woodworking ability, I hope to offer something even more valuable: Step-by-step instructions on construction, and tips on cutting the costs down from his hefty $300 total. While I'm cheating (I'm buying some spare drivers from assorted people for only $125 total) a bit, I hope to keep the total cost at a very reasonable $175 or less.



Dan B said...

Your going to love the Modula MTs

Wotcher said...

I've heard they're marvellous.

I'm currently working on a Gainclone to go with them.